How to Display Embroidery Without a Hoop [Updated 2022]

Embroidery artists are not given as much appreciation as they deserve. Many reasons lead to the unexplored nature of the embroidery field. However, people are now starting to appreciate embroidery art and the impeccable excellence to produce a fine embroidery piece. If you are an embroidery artist, then you must be looking for ideas for finished embroidery. Displaying embroidery in a hoop is a mainstream idea that people love to this date. However, it is not risky to experiment with display ideas. How to display embroidery without a hoop? We guess you must keep reading to find out.

How To Display Embroidery Without A Hoop:

If you do not know what to do with finished embroidery other than placing it in a hoop, we have suggestions for you. You can do so much more to your embroidery piece to make it look more attractive and worth buying. Well, we have an idea that you might find worth giving a shot, so keep reading.

Method 1: Displaying Embroidery on Frame

Embroidery pieces look chic and beautiful in a frame. It is a cheap hack to make any corner of your house look exciting and effortless. They are super easy to make, and you can play around with patterns, frames, color, and texture to get the desired look. Let’s have a look at the simple procedure to display embroidery in a frame.

Step 1: Press the embroidery piece

You do not want your embroidery patch to look wrinkly in the frame. Before you proceed with this method, you need to ensure that your embroidery patch is ironed. Set your iron on a low heat setting, especially if the embroidery is on cotton or linen material.

Step 2: Prepare the frame

Most people say that the embroidery looks detailed and crisp when it is pressed against the glass. Choose a frame of your choice and take off the back portion. Do not take out the glass yet, but give it a good wipe to remove dust or any marks.

Step 3: Sew the extra cloth

When you take the wooden cardboard out from the back, lay it flat on the embroidery’s back. You will notice the excess cloth around the cardboard edges. You have the option to cut the extra fabric off. However, if you want to use the embroidery patch later, this might not be a good option. You can turn the cloth around cardboard and stitch the fabric together.

Step 4: Assemble the frame

The last step is quite self-explanatory because all you have to do is assemble the frame. Press the cardboard with the embroidery patch against the glass and close the back knobs to secure the frame. You can watch a few online tutorials if you are confused.

Method 2: Hang It Around the House

People use embroidery patches in different ways; you do not have to be mainstream. You can use different kinds of methods to display your phenomenal work. Let’s see how you can hang it around the house.

Step 1: Clean the spare hanger

You may have a lot of spare hangers around the house that you do not use often. Clean the hanger thoroughly; it is better if the hanger has clasps to hold the cloth. You can also use spray paint on the hanger with your favorite color.

Step 2: Press the cloth and hang it

Do not hang your embroidered patch wrinkled as it may look flimsy and not attractive. Press the cloth at low heat settings and make sure it is smooth. Hang the fabric in the hanger; make sure to secure it with the clasp. It looks great in any corner of the house, specifically on your door.

Method 3: Embroidery Canvas

We all see paintings on canvas, but there are different ways to use a canvas and display your work. You can also make an embroidered canvas; it looks breathtaking and diverse, especially in your home. Let’s see how you can make it.

Step 1: Press your embroidery patch

If you want to give your work a neater look, always iron the embroidery patch. If you are running out of ideas about hanging embroidery, you must get yourself a canvas or a canvas frame. Press the embroidery patch at medium or low heat setting, and the thicker the material, the better.

Step 2: Staple it

You have to show all the strength you have got and stretch the material across the canvas. You can also use the claw clips to hold the cloth in place while you staple each side. Before you staple, make sure the fabric is stretched tightly across the canvas frame. Staple as many times as you want. However, do not loosen your grip when doing so; otherwise, it will not look neat.

Can you do embroidery without a hoop?

People only know traditional methods such as how to hang machine embroidery hoops. Do you think you need hope to create a good embroidery design? While hoop helps in providing stability to the cloth, it is not the only method. You can make good embroidery patterns without a hoop, but it can be a challenge for you. A person must find ways to create tension on the embroidery cloth. The more stretched the fabric is, the more finishing you will be able to achieve. However, a hoop is a cheap and easy method to create tension.


Embroidery is a great skill, especially if you are a creative person. It is a form of art that is not valued or appreciated enough. You get fabulous embroidery dresses all across Asia and different parts of the world. People love to wear embroidery clothes as they give them an elegant look.

If you know how to do embroidery, then you can undoubtedly use this skill to establish financial returns. Embroidery hoops look amazing, but they are becoming mainstream. How to display embroidery without a hoop? You have to read the article to know a few easy ways to display your exemplary work.