How to Paint a Sewing Machine Cabinet [Updated 2022]

The sewing machine has been an essential item in one form or the other in the inventory of almost every household around the world.

A sewing machine cabinet is a stand for the sewing machine. It consists of drawers where we can put stitching essentials like a needle, threads, extra clothes, machine oils, and other extra items. A sewing machine cabinet can be made of wood, iron, or steel. Here we cover complete detail about “How to paint a Sewing Machine Cabinet“.

A sewing cabinet should be able to withhold the weight of the sewing machine, keep it stabilized, and not wobble here and there during sewing. Moreover, it should have leg space so the tailor can easily stitch on it and it should be of good quality.

How to maintain a sewing machine cabinet?

A sewing machine cabinet should be refurnished regularly so it lasts longer. It should be maintained time by time. If it is a metal cabinet, measures should be taken for its protection against rust. If it is of wood, it should be checked properly and kept safe from termites.

A cabinet should not be overloaded. Paint it regularly so it remains as shiny as it performs and keeps a lookout for any weak or loose points in the frame. If you notice nails coming out, hammer them back as soon as possible. Cabinets made from iron or metal should be kept away from humidity and direct touch of water as they are the main factors that cause rusting.

How to paint a Sewing machine cabinet?              

Wooden Cabinet:

A wooden cabinet gives an astonishing look to your sewing machine and defines your passion for sewing. It represents the class and modesty of your hobby so you should keep a good eye on your cabinet before it is good for nothing. A wooden cabinet should have been painted with a satin or semi-gloss finish in either a latex or an oil-based paint. Borat should be used before painting or priming wood because it is an excellent termite repellent. You can spray it on the wood and it will essentially prevent the termites from attacking or nibbling the wood.

The primer should not be left unpainted. If you choose latex paint, a latex primer is an excellent choice for most uses. It goes on easily and blocks most stains and it has no odor on the oil-based paints. Acrylic paints last longer and are best for wood. It is excellent for exterior parts because it makes a durable finish. After that, we can do an extra coat of luster which will make the wood more shiner and give it an even brighter look.

Metal Cabinet:

A metal cabinet is much stronger. It has a different elegance and taste. But to maintain its style, we should protect it from corrosion and rusting. Metal is hard to break but it becomes vulnerable if not kept in good care.

A regular coating of paint is all we need to protect our precious cabinets. There are various anti-corrosion paints available but oil-based paints are best. Oil repels water which is a catalyst for the destruction of metal, thus it provides both protection and durability to it. An oil-based primer coating is advised to use first to get a more promising result. However, you can also directly apply oil paint as it does not contain water so there is no risk of rusting.

If the metal is rusty or previously painted, it should be removed first. Metal surfaces must be free from dust, grease, and old paint for which you can use a scraper or sandpaper. After it, you can start with the new paint. If it is iron, use a good quality brush to properly apply it. Also, avoid brush strokes; try using the brush in one direction and don’t press too hard. Use smooth hands to get fine details over the project. For metal, you can use spray paint to get your work done.

What kind of cabinet you should use: 

A sewing machine cabinet should not very big. It should take only a considerable space. It should be made of good quality wood or steel; depends on the type of cabinet you want. It should not be too heavy. Should have trolley wheels so they are moved easily around the place. So if you change your mind and don’t like its position, it should be a one-person job to drag it.

It should have different sections to keep different types of essentials. Like there should be a separate drawer to keep the threads and needles. A separate section to keep the chalk, scissors, measuring tape, and your designer books and a section to keep the fabric in use, and a small corner to keep the machine oil so you wouldn’t have to find it everywhere when in need.

Best sewing cabinets:

Masco Corp, Elkay Wood Products Co., AC Products, Inc., Foremost Groups Inc., Wood-Mode Inc., Wellborn Cabinet Inc., W W Wood Products Inc., and Master Woodcraft Cabinetry LLC. are the world best manufacturers of cabinets and they make cabinets from the time of sewing machines. So they know all the factors in the creation of the perfect sewing machine cabinet for your machine.

All the products they use are high quality from the quality of wood to nails. They make sure that every penny which you spent to buy a sewing machine cabinet counts. They make sure their customers never come with complaints.

Where to buy:

The mentioned companies may be rivals to each other but the quality and durability of the product they made are made sure to be the best. You can easily find their products in your local market. You just need to know what and where are you looking. Just find a suitable-sized cabinet for your sewing machine and start turning imaginations on fabrics.


Sewing is an important and essential aspect for every household because of which it should be done with the proper equipment. From now on, make a point in your to-do list to add a sewing machine cabinet to your sewing kit so that you can sew with more passion and excellence because, only with the right equipment and emotion, a perfect result is observed.