Best Singer MX231 Sewing Machine in 2022

Do you want to enhance your creativity while sewing? If yes, then Singer MX231 Sewing Machine is a perfect tool for you. It has remarkable features that allow you to stitch with much ease and comfort.

How it is best?

Well, this latest singer MX231 Sewing Machine is specially designed to provide you with comfortable and relaxing stitching with more creativity. For instance, it has 97 built-in stitches to allow you to stitch with different styles.

Moreover, the presser foot can also be adjusted to make changes on the fly. Another strong point about this machine is that it is simple to use. It doesn’t require you to be an expert in stitching. It is also fun for beginners to sew with a singer MX231 sewing machine.

So, without further delay let’s discuss the features of this machine in detail.

Singer MX231 Sewing Machine In-Depth Review

Singer MX231 Sewing Machine features Full Metal Frame which ensures maximum durability. This machine also offers you quick and easy threading in seconds. The automatic needle threader put an end to eye strain.

Singer MX231 Sewing Machine

Furthermore, it has a 1-step buttonhole feature which provides you the finest buttonholes with no struggle. Finally, if you are wondering about its cost, then you need not worry about it. You would be relieved to get such a reliable sewing machine at a justified cost.

Now it is time to know more about the key features which add more to its attractiveness.

Key Features You Must Know:

  1. 97 Stitch Applications :

It is the benchmark feature of singer MX231 Sewing Machine that elevates its standard. You can stitch according to your taste as this machine offers you different simple and decorative stitches.

Furthermore, these stitches are applications that are useful over a wide range of fabrics. This feature allows you to stitch in different styles which makes your stitching versatile.

  1. Automatic 1-Step Buttonhole:

Here comes an interesting feature; This feature allows you to make consistent buttonholes the way you want. You don’t need to struggle for creating the finest buttonholes, it can all be done in just a single step.

  1. Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure:

Does it get frustrating when you try to sew heavy fabrics? Not anymore. With the MX231, you can get rid of this issue. This machine allows you to adjust it accordingly with heavy or soft fabric.

  1. Adjustable Stitch Length & Width:

Now with singer MX231 Sewing Machine, you are free to adjust the length and width of stitches. Stitch the way which suits your taste and need, no more worries about narrow and over lengthy stitches.

  1. Built-In Needle Threader:

Threading the needle is not an easy task for most people, but this feature allows you effortless threading of the needle for a quick start. So, the remarkable Built-In Needle Threader saves your precious time which usually eaten up threading your sewing machine.

  1. Front Loading Bobbin :

Bobbins of this machine are easy to wind and insert while maintaining a smooth needle plate surface. You can easily load the bobbins by just removing the storage compartment and hinged door.

  1. Free Arm :

Another advantageous feature is the Free Arm which makes stitching of sleeves and trousers a trouble-free task. You will be at great ease while attaching sleeves to the shirt.

  1. Removable Storage Compartment:

Last but not least is the removable Storage compartment where you will get basic accessories. In this way, you can keep your accessories within the machine which allows you to safekeeping accessories.

Maintaining the Singer MX231 Sewing Machine System:

When it comes to cleaning the machine, you might end up getting extremely frustrated with cleaning the ordinary ones. But, as we are talking about singer MX231, cleaning and maintaining it is extremely easy.

For proper maintenance and cleanliness of the machine, you are provided with certain guidelines which make this task so easy. First of all, you have to unplug the power supply to clean the machine. You can clean the feed teeth by using the brush supplied for cleanliness.

To get proper functioning, you may lubricate the hook with oil. Removing the Fabric lint and threads can also help you out in smooth functioning. Moreover, your machine could also be serviced at regular intervals at one of the singer’s service centers.

Expert Opinions:

People have admired this machine very much and have shown their satisfaction with this product in the form of reviews. Here are  a few of those reviews;

Merian Smith states that she had bought the product last year and right off the bat, with the help of the provided user manual, she was able to learn the workings of the machine. She needed something less complicated than her old traditional machines to fulfill her sewing requirements.

She says that this is a must have product, it is sturdy, it is easy to use, easy to operate, and very functional.

Daven shows his satisfaction by saying that this is a great machine. He used it to sew when he was younger and found it very easy to use. He says that it is of very good quality and very user-friendly. He is using it after 16 years and it is all coming back to him slowly.

  • 97 Stitch Applications for any Fabric or Project
  • One-step Buttonhole that Creates Consistent Buttonholes
  • Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure
  • Adjustable Stitch Length & Width
  • Quick and Easy Threading with a Built-In Needle Threader
  • Front Load Bobbin that is Easy to Wind and Inserts
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Manual needs to be downloaded separately from the internet, it doesn’t come with the product.
Final Thoughts

Keeping in view the above-listed features and functions, I would not be lying by saying that the Singer MX231 sewing machine is the ideal machine for you, it can fulfill all your sewing requirements with both, heavy and soft fabrics. It has maximum durability along with several interesting features. Despite having all these features, it is not very costly. The price is quite reasonable and justified.

I hope my article has proved helpful for you in deciding to get this product or not. Take a wise decision for your right machine and Good Luck!