What to do with old sewing machines? Tips and Tricks in 2022

Sewing machines are today an essential item of almost every household. Most of us have a vintage or even an antique sewing machine that our parents or grandparents bought in their time, lying around somewhere; either taking up space in a closet or rusting away in the storeroom.

Sewing machines cost a lot of money and the only reason that they are in your house even if not used for several years is that you do not want that money going to waste. I have a solution for you, in this article, readers will find out how they can utilize their old sewing machines and get something good out of them.

But before addressing that, we need to learn a few basics regarding how and when sewing machines were invented and how they became the modern machines that we see today. So, let’s get started with our article;


A sewing machine is a machine that is used to sew fabrics and other materials using threads. Since the human race advanced, they started covering themselves. Early humans used animal skins, leaves, and tree barks. Then in 400BC, the thread was invented. People used a needle to sew a piece of cloth to cover them. As time passed, advanced beings felt the need for stitched cloth but stitching with hands was time taking process. Therefore, in 1790, the first sewing machine was invented by an Englishman.

Modernization of sewing machines:

Early sewing machines were very tiring. The cart had to be revolving all the time to sew. Also, the machine could only stitch in one type because one needle could be installed. There were also some other complications like the wheel getting struck or needle breaking.

To remove such flaws, sewing machines were largely modernizing. They become electrically operated and with a strong need to stitch some hard fabric materials like jeans and leather. Old hand-operated machines were fully replaced by new electrically operated machines which were easy and fast.

What to do with old sewing machines?

With the acceptance of technology in the sewing machines, there was a problem of getting rid of old machines. Some people donated their operable machines to the poor’s. Some kept them as a souvenir of the past because this machine is 200 years old. These machines are considered an antique. Here are some ideas to get rid of your old sewing machine.

  1. If you have a good company sewing machine like Kenmore or singer, they can easily be sold at a pawn shop for a good price. You just have to be patient. Pawnshops will work if the machine is up to a hundred years old. You can have 200$-500$ for the item if it is preserved well.
  2. These sewing machines are considered vintage and many people like to keep a corner of their house with some vintage items and sewing machines would fit perfectly there. A lot of people have transformed their vintage items into more attractive things like table, stand for flower pots. It depends on your creativity.
  3. Machines of the 1950s are also considered vintage and also have a valuable price in the collectible markets, you can take them to an antique so where you can sell them for a high price to collectors.
  4. You can donate your operate-able sewing machine to the needy. You can also donate your machines to government-funded training organizations where people can learn stitching.
  5. If your machine is neither antique nor workable, you can always sell it to a colloquially, scrapie, or a scrap dealer. It wouldn’t be much but you won’t be empty-handed.
  6. You can also sell it online on sites like eBay or Craigslist.
  7. Lastly, you can do what the sewing machine was intended for. You can learn sewing by taking classes and bringing the machine to your own use.


The sewing machine is an important invention of the era. It helped in many ways. Before sewing machines, it was tiresome work to stitch cloths with a needle. You needed light, extreme focus, and a lot of time. People had limited clothes due to this. But when the sewing machine came, it solved these problems. You can easily stitch your clothes at home in a day. If it’s torn, you can stitch it in a swift. It gave rise to a new profession. All the high brands we see these days took started from the sewing machine. It is a creative talent. It enhances your imagination. It helps you gain effective motor skills also like hand-eye coordination.

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Sewing your clothes is also a great hobby. Knowing you are wearing unique fashion feels like a blessing. The quality you get by sewing your clothes is unmatchable. You can also show off this talent. It is a lifetime learning talent that can also be lifesaving. If you stitch your clothes, it increases your self-esteem and self-confidence. You will be proud of accepting and owning yourself because clothes define your personality and if you design your clothes, nothing can define you more accurately than your design.

When sewing machines were industrialized, they opened new doors to the fashion world. Everything became approachable. It created job opportunities for everyone. From thread maker to farmer who grows cotton and from mechanics who make those types of machinery to the workers who work there. Thus it can also be called a revolutionary invention.

Early Manufactures:

Elna, Husqvarna Viking, Jaguar, Janome, Juki, Singer, Pfaff, and Toyota are the best manufacturers of sewing machines worldwide. These company’s products come in many designs and models. They manufacture machines for embroidery, stitching of fabrics and leather, repairing and making clothes of all types. There are now handheld sewing machines available which makes the work much easier. Sewing machines of all stripes, shapes, sizes, and power have a lot of uses. Most are similar to each other to make your sewing life a lot easier. You get a lot of versatile use of your sewing talents. Having an easier time sewing also makes time for those important moments in your life.

User guide:

Sewing machines are an appliance that is easily available in your local markets. You just need to check the company and the kind of service you need from your sewing machine. You should make sure it consumes less space and do more work; it should be lightweight and capable of working on hard cloth.


Now that you know the importance of a sewing machine and how valuable it can be for you monetarily as well as for other people, you will be better able to decide what to do with it instead of letting it go to waste in your storage.